sandor csudai
I am Csudai Sándor, born in the heart of Hungary, in Budapest 1987. My journey as a photographer began at the Práter Street Photography School, where I refined my professional skills. Later on, I gained experience working in various photo studios, magazines, festivals, online sites and newspapers, broadening my perspective and technical abilities along the way.

My work has been recognized with numerous awards, including the Hungarian Press Photo Contest, the Pictures of the Year International Excellence award, and the Brassaï Press Photo Contest. One of the most satisfying moments of my career was receiving the Junior Prima Prize in 2015 for the best hungarian photographer under 30 years, followed by the Hemző Károly Prize in 2019 for the most talented hungarian photographer under 35 years. Through my photographs, I aim not only to capture everyday events but also to showcase the richness of human reactions and emotions. For me, the true challenge lies in capturing the deepest and sometimes hidden moments, which may not always be apparent at first glance. Through them, I present a world full of emotion and depth that is worth paying attention to.
Csudai Sándor's artistic photographs depict the world as if seen through a magical window, where emotions and moods unfold in a colorful palette. Through his lens, the world offers a unique experience, where even the smallest details come to life. The images are deeply sensitive and highly suggestive. Csudai captures a moment in such a way that it comes alive before the viewer's eyes. The interplay of light and shadow harmonizes to such an extent that the images almost sing, evoking deep emotions and thoughts within us. The diversity of emotions conveyed through the images includes happiness, melancholy, hope, and longing alike. Sándor masterfully plays with moods and atmospheres, creating compositions that engulf the viewer and transport them to another world.
True beauty lies in nature, on people's faces, and in the everyday moments of life, all of which Csudai Sándor captures through his lens. His photographs are not just pictures but an expression of emotions and moods that deeply resonate with the viewer, leaving an everlasting impact.

Thanks the photographs for Peter Papajcsik, Zsófi Szollár, Balázs Béli, Máté Ladjánszki, Tamara Vukov (c)

Honors & Awards: 
2023 - World Athletics Photograph of the Year shortlisted
2023 - Artificial intelligence group photo exhibition in Főfotó - Budapest, Hungary
2023 - I. Simon Móricz-Sabján photocontest - Won 5 prizes in 4 categories
2023 - Hungary 365 Photo Exhibition - The outdoor group exhibition on the Danube Promenade 
2022 - Selection of the Best Hungarian Press Photos of 40 Years - Group exhibition in Capa Center
2022 - 40. Hungarian Press Photo Contest - 3rd place in Art series and 3rd place in Art single category
2021 - Images of Light - Group exhibition in Kunsthalle Budapest
2020 - Különös Budapest / Budapest Mood - Solo exhibition in 8F Gallery, Budapest
2020 - Art Market Budapest - Group exhibition in Millenalis, Budapest
2020 - Standby - Group exhibition about the pandemic at Kodály Körönd, Budapest
2020 - Eight weeks - Hungarian photographers during the pandemic - Group exhibition in Capa Center
2020 - 38. Hungarian Press Photo Contest - 2nd place in Art single category
2019 - Hemző Károly Award - Best hungarian photographer under 35 years
2019 - 37. Hungarian Press Photo Contest - 1st place in Art single category
2019 - Németh Ferenc Award - Best photograph of home-organized world events
2018 - I. Hungarian Drone Photo Award - Member of the Jury
2018 - XXXVI. Hungarian Press Photo Contest - 2nd place in Art single category
2017 - Hungarian photography from the past half century 1967-2017 - Group exhibition in Capa Center
2017 - FESTIVAL HISTORY through photographs - Group exhibition in Capa Center with Imre Benkő
2017 - Before and after Capa – Hungarian photographers 100 years ago and today - Ljubljana
2016 - Nominated for World Press Photo - Joop Swart Masterclass NOMINATED by Tamas Revesz
2016 - BRASSAI Press Photo Contest 2015 (MÚRE) - 1st place in documentary category
2016 - Photographic Art and Beyond - Group exhibition in Kunsthalle Budapest
2016 - Pictures of the Year International (POYi) - Award of Excellence
2015 - Junior Prima Award - Best hungarian photojournalist under 30 years
2015 - Festival photographer of the Year - Heineken Photo Contest
2015 - Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center - Hungarian Press Photo exhibition
2014 - XXXIII. Hungarian Press Photo Contest - 1st place in picture story category
2013 - National Geographic - Picture of the Day
2013 - "WORK4YOUTH" Photo Contest - 1st place - Central and Eastern Europe Youth Prize
2012 - dotART URBAN Photo Contest - Honorary mention and exhibition in Cracow
2011 - XXX. Hungarian Press Photo Contest - 1st place in sport single category
2011 - Metro National Photo Challange - 1st place in environment category
2011 - Metropol Hungarian Photo Contest - 1st place in environment category
2011 - Wien-Budapest Photo Contest - Honorary mention and exhibition in Wien
2010 - Photographer of the Year - Magyar Hírlap
2009 - Chachipe Youth Photo Contest - Moving Wall group exhibition - New York City
2008 - 2023 My pictures are published in the hungarian Pictures of the Year book every year